We are excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking version of Noogle.

Noogle release 2024-1

Noogle has evolved into a versatile toolset, empowering new and experienced users.

Its underlying toolset can render doc-comments seamlessly into markdown, HTML, or JSON formats.

A lot of knowledge and experience that I have gained while creating RFC145 and working on other automated documentation tools has gone into this new version.

Key Features and Enhancements

Integration with RFC145

Our primary focus has been on seamlessly integrating Noogle with RFC145, enhancing the overall functionality and utility.

SEO Optimization

Noogle now boasts enhanced SEO optimization, ensuring that every documentation page is static HTML and easily discoverable on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Function Alias Detection

Noogle now incorporates advanced function alias detection, making your searches even more intuitive and efficient.

Performance, Readability & Usability

We've invested in optimizing performance, enhancing readability, and improving overall usability to make your Noogle experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Blazingly Fast WASM-Based Search

Thanks to the integration of pagefind, Noogle now offers a lightning-fast search experience through WebAssembly, setting new standards for speed and efficiency.

Configuration-Based Extendability

Users can now extend Noogle's capabilities through a configuration-based approach, customizing the toolset to suit more needs.

On-Site Doc-Comment Contributions Tutorials

Learn how to contribute to doc-comments such that they appear in noogle. Follow our comprehensive tutorials

Improved Type Detection

We've enhanced type detection capabilities, providing more accurate and detailed information in your search results.

Redesigned Search Website

The search website has undergone a significant overhaul to highlight the massive changes in the underlying toolset.

and many more ...


Source links point to my autogenerated fork of nixpkgs.

This will be solved within the next weeks.

current ly nixpkgs doesnt fully support markdown in doc-comments yet. Although the RFC145 is accepted things need to be done.

Please feel free to contribute there.

Happy searching!