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Run the shell command buildCommand to produce a store path named name. The attributes in env are added to the environment prior to running the command. Environment variables set by stdenv.mkDerivation take precedence. By default runCommand runs in a stdenv with no compiler environment. runCommandCC uses the default stdenv, pkgs.stdenv.


runCommand "name" {envVariable = true;} ''echo hello > $out'';
runCommandCC "name" {} ''gcc -o myfile myfile.c; cp myfile $out'';

The *Local variants force a derivation to be built locally, it is not substituted. This is intended for very cheap commands (<1s execution time). It saves on the network roundrip and can speed up a build. It is the same as adding the special fields

  preferLocalBuild = true;
  allowSubstitutes = false;

to a derivation’s attributes.

# Arguments

- [name] 
- [env] 


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